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February 10


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Diary of Melody Palladio

My husband came home today he seem a bit worry about the company he manage for his father that had already pass away. He wanted to inherit that company but he couldn't he never said way and I couldn't dare ask. I ask him what was wrong he said noting and that I shouldn't worry. He then ask me how I was feeling as he gently hold my hand making me flush a little. I respond that I was feeling a little bit dizzy lately. That make him smile a little I shortly wonder way but then he said that if I could maybe be expecting. I thought for a brief moment I was not sure at that time so I just nod thinking that will make him happy. I was right his smile grow and he warmly hug me follow by a delightful kiss from him.

Days later I proof that what we thought was true I was pregnant. I gave the news to him as soon as I saw him, that make him so happy he even brought me a gift, a gorgeous leather coat. Ask him if he could go to one of his reunions with him this time but he refuse again he said that I wasn't ready for such activity. What does he mean by that? I just don't want to make him mad so I didn't ask anymore.

Months later:

The baby will be born soon the doctor inform me and my husband that the delivery will be of high risk. I am scared but my husband will be there with me I will not be scared.

The delivery took approximately 32 hours I was so exhausted I sleep for 2 days, or so I was told. Wen I woke up my husband was holding the baby, he look so small his skin pale like snow. I thought he was sick maybe but I didn't worry I could just watch my husband the look on his face was different. I couldn't figure it out.

The next days pass by quick my husband didn't came as often but wen he did he just came to check on the child he was suppose to be name soon but the name haven't been decided. My husband said he will name him that didn't mater to me I didn't really had a name in mined and I actually didn't want to think of one. I just wanted to spend more time with him. He keep saying he had to much work and no time to spare. He had finally inherit that company he so much wanted. I didn't really know how and I didn't ask to avoid getting him mad.

The day of naming the baby came my husband name him after his grandfather for some reason the name was William such a strong name for a little child. It doesn't mater I guess as long as my husband likes it I don't care. After the paper work was done my husband was gone again I had to take care of the child since the nanny was sick that day. I did it for him maybe this will make him notice me.

Years later:

Less then a decade ago a child was born from within me, a little boy pale like mother moon on the gracious night. Oh beautiful boy he was so precious to my husband he just had every one fool, that gracious appearance was a disguise to hide the evil  creature he is. I saw what he was reading, such a complicated book, that book was even in another strange language he read it as if he understood every word easily. Were did that child found that book, the underground library of the mansion is the only place that kind of books are stored, I thought no one could enter that horrible curse place. The next day I try to enter it just to investigate but I couldn't the door was lock no regular key will open it, it has a strange shape item that was needed the shape seems familiar.

My husband hasn't been coming to visit anymore, even tho this is his home. I remember he use to come every day he treat me so nicely he call me his gorgeous princes, his light. He acts so cold now, why? Ever since that child came it's all that child's fault! He did something to him, to me, to this place! I watch him again follow him in silence he was simply drawing, like any normal child you'll think but no he was drawing pentagrams cures forbidding symbols of the evil one. Every day, every day it was worst and worst I knew he was cursing us cursing this family since the moment he was born. He is the poison to this family.

It was all revile to me in a dream the reason all had change it was "its" fault. That fake child he is the son of evil. He stoled everything from me my time my life my beauty and my love. I have to end him, end him before he bestows his evil upon everyone. I brought him in to this world and it was a mistake. I shall end this evil creature. I talk to my husband last night I toll him about William that he was cursing us that he was evil, he call me crazy he then show me a paper he made me sign not long ago, I didn't read it because he said it wasn't important that it was just something of his company. He then toll me it was for our divorce he said it was been process now that he didn't want me close to him any longer. I was shocked I couldn't speak and he walk away.

This is the last night I'll be here he said he will send me away to another house he will pay for everything he said. I can't go I loved him I have to do something, I HAVE TO KILL HIM! That child , that child he did this to me to us he curse us he destroy us. His a fake his the soon of the devil if I kill him everything will go back to normal I am sure. Tonight I'll go to his room with my fathers dagger I will end him.

End of diary.

Melody's Diaryby Cyanea-Lamarckii

Literature / Poetry / Emotional / Concrete Poetry©2014 Cyanea-Lamarckii
here is something to read is a little project I am starting it all starts wit some pages of a woman's diary 

my spelling and everything else is bad but I hope it is a bit understandable TTuTT 
Penguin598 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really intresring! I like this a bunch! 
Cyanea-Lamarckii Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Student Artist
I am glad you like it and thanks for taking the time to read it. ^^
Penguin598 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem!
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